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            The Tartan Lady    www.thetartanlady.com     has a great range of Tartans,Scots items.Perfect for Clan
            Banners/Crests and much more  whether to adour your wall at home or for clan parades or events.

            Thanyou Zellna (The Tartan Lady)
            for our MacLaren banner,as seen in
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                                                                                                      Rise is a celebration of 
                                                                                                      Scotland and for all Scots
                                                                                                       to enjoy​.Purely about being
                                                                                                       Scottish,being together and
                                                                                                       being proud.


            Rise is a new stirring Scottish anthem track that has just been released worldwide and is already being celebrated by Scots all over the globe.The responce to the song has been absolutely fantastic and word is spreading fast amonish people in every country.
            Rise is a celebration of Scotland and for all Scots to e​njoy.Purely about being Scottish,being together and being proud.
            Jim Lynch,Producer,Clanfilms,Scotland & Caledonia​n Records



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            The Official Magazine of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs​
            ​I believe this to be the best quality publication about Scotland and all things Scottish I have seen,
            Great stories of old and new Scotland and its history,heritage and culture.​
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    Lauren Schroder (maiden name Kilpatrick) would like to hear from other Colquhoun's and sept families,please contact on;    laurenschroder@gmail.com

           .          Stewart info
    Greg Stewart is trying to find early information on family roots.Greg is a descendant of Donald Stewart who 
    came to Australia in 1857 with his brother Duncan.He was born in Loch Cannon in 1830.His parents were 
    John Stewart,crofter who died on 24-12-1870 aged 85 years at Slumbay.Johns parents were Charles Stewart,
    crofter and Jessie Stewart,maiden name Allen.I am led to believe John was from the Stewart of Appin clan.
    Please contact Greg Stewart  gregjstewart@bigpond.com

    Scottish DVD's
    I am the producer of a series of 18 scenic dvd's on the west of Scotland,and the Highlands & Islands.I have
    received a very special letter of appreciation from a family in Benalla,who have enjoyed 12 of them.I have realised that these DVD's could be of special interest to Scots immigrants in Australia and I have a special offer of 3 for the price of 2 (paypal payments do the currency converter making payments easier) on my website    www.scottishdvd.com   Bill Green,Camemora DVD's,
camemora@talk21.com   Bill Green,Kilchoan,Acharacle,Argyll,Scotland
    I have viewed four of the series and will definately be purchasing more of this beautifull series of DVD's,they
    take a peaceful journey through Scotland majestic landscapes,with gentle music score and incredible scenery
    throughout,highly recommended would make a great gift for anyone with a love of Scotland.Trevor Smurthwaite

Celtic Life Magazine- Canada
        My name is Stephen Patrick Clare and I am the managing editor of Celtic Life Magazine in Halifax,
        Nova Scotia,Canada.We are looking for people who would like to contribute on a variety of topics to
        both our print publication (published 4x year) and on our website   www.celticlife.ca
        email;  novamedia@gmail.com

    In Early May 2011 the SNP won a historic majoirity in the Scottish Parliament,bringing closer the possibility of an
    independent Scotland.It got me thinking about the original wars of independence in the late 13th and early 14th centuries
    featuring William Wallace and Robert the Bruce and in particular,the declaration of Arbroath,signed by the nobles and common folk of Scotland on 6th April 1320.As a result i wrote this song,the chorus is loosely based on the most famous passage of the Declaration namely "As Long as There's One Hundred",. Words and Music by Brian McKay's kind permission







    The Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria have a new website and email address.The website is at
    email address is  scottishgaelicsocietyvic@gmail.com​
    Info kindly supplied by Damian Downie,Committee Member (webmaster) Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria​


FAR ACROSS THE SEA is a family saga that begins in Scotland in 1913, progresses through two world wars and leads to a life in Ipswich, Australia for a young man who takes up the offer of assisted passage to Australia as part  of the Australian government’s  ‘Populate or Perish’ campaign after the second world war.Life in the mining villages of Scotland was rather bleak.  One of the characters in the book joins the army in WWI to get away from the mines, only to find himself digging underground in France.  Years after WWII had finished, food and clothing were still being rationed in Scotland, few people could afford to buy their own home and unemployment was high.  When Australia put out the call for young men and families to populate its shores, with the lure of high employment and sunshine instead of rain and snow, many people took up the call.The book is based on fact and provides a snapshot of the lives of people in Scotland in the early 1900s and the new hope that Australia offered in the 1950s. 

    Carmel McMurdo Audsley
    Editor Scots News Magazine
    Author 'Ours,Yours and Mines'​​​​and  'Far Across The Sea'
    0403 190 835
    ​​Experience life in the miners' rows of Ayrshire Scotland in the 19th and 20th centuries- 'Ours,Yours and Mines'and the sequal 'Far Across The Sea' available from www.amazon.com

Scots News Magazine is a monthly emagazine for ex pat Scots in Queensland (although we have readers interstate,in the UK,NZ and USA).To recieve the free magazine,people need to email me here at scotsnews@iinet.net.au  and I'll add them to our subscribers list.


Celtic Blood by James John Loftus

    I am an Australian author with a debut novel, Celtic Blood.  Celtic Blood is set in the year 1210.  Celtic Blood was inspired by the great Scottish historical novelist, Nigel Tranter.  It traces the actual known early history of clan MacKay, known then, as the MacAedhs.  The MacAedhs were descended from a king of Scots.  Aedh, the progenitor of the clan was offered the crown.  His two older brother both kings died without issue.  He, by then, a widower had become a priest with no interest in matters of state, thus, forfeiting his claim.  His two small sons taken into the care of a distant relative grow to manhood far to the north in the highlands.  In time they resent that they were not the royal line and civil war erupts in Scotland.  Their family the MacAedhs a century later is left with Morgund as the sole holder of the name.  Morgund is marked for death.  According to the king their family have been nothing but trouble and all must die to ensure his own, and any future heirs of the ruling house have safety in the kingdom.  But as we all know the MacKays survived and the clan are called the children of Morgund, and indeed they are.

    I am trying to get the word out there and circulate my promo which is attached.

    Review Of Celtic Blood On Amazon Books

    A spell-binding novel with all the essential ingredients, and much more, conveyed in aptly gauged measure to richly satisfy the reader's appetite.  The plot is highly entertaining, encompassing a diversity of captivating settings keeping the reader engrossed in their surroundings.  This fast-paced, engaging story stimulates a broad range of emotions capable of triggering a similar memory of past sensations shared by the reader as if transported back in time.

    If you want want to escape back for a glimpse of an era during which the Celtic spirit was vividly put to the test through not only knavery, adversity, and hardship, but also through the intrigues of friendship, family, and armour - yet emerge triumphant - you'll want to give this novel a try.

    5 out of 5 stars.
Dear Trevor,
     I am the wife of the actor Conrad Phillips who was the star of the TV series William Tell in the 50's. I have written a book called "Skeoch" about our wonderful time in South West Scotland (Kirkcudbrightshire) when we bought a run down 50 acre hill farm, and with our small family went to live there and try and make it viable, against enormous odds. It was a totally different way of life, since we had come from London and were involved in theatre, television and acting circles. We knew nothing whatever about farming. I have chronicled in my book, some of the amazing things that took place. It is a witty, truthful and sometimes dramatic account of real life events .It includes some references to the Covenanters their battles against the Red Coats to worship as they wished, as our farm had associations with them. It has been published by Any subject books as a paperback and also as an e-book and is available on Amazon under the title Skeoch. I wondered if you would be interested in featuring my book on one of your discussions. It  can also be purchased on the following link: http://www.anysubject.com/skeoch-our-new-life-on-a-scottish-hill-farm also in pdf format.
    Although I am English by birth, my paternal Grandmother was pure bred Scots, one Elizabeth Woods.
    I hope you don't think this is cheeky but I wondered if you would include my book on your web site. I think you may find some of it pretty interesting.
    With all good wishes, aye
    Jennie Phillips